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Hello my name is Jamil Freeman.  Thank you so much for my second chance. Now, I am able to say the grass is really green on the other side. Mr. Freeman SCRPYour on-the-clock-timing is great, along with your customer service, and personality.  Thank you! I won't take this opportunity for granted!!

~J. Freeman, Dell~

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In the last few years we have seen the economy take a nose dive. Very good people have been caught up in our economy's downward spiral. Jobs have been lost, homes have been foreclosed on, and incomes have dropped dramatically. Once prosperous individuals have had to press the reset button in their lives.

Unfortunately, during this downturn many people have had experiences that have negatively impacted their almighty credit scores. Your credit score determines a lot these days. You need a great score to obtain credit, get a cell phone, purchase a car, get a job and get a place to live.


We understand that your current credit score may not reflect your current situation. If you:

1. Have applied at multiple apartment communities and had your application declined

2. Currently work and can provide proof of your steady and stable income

3. Can provide one and a half to two and a half month's rent (1.5-2.5) to move in (depends upon the individual property), as well an application fee of $50 for background checks

4. Need to move in the next 4 weeks


Secondchancerentprogram.com can help you find a home. We have homes, condos, townhomes, and apartments that fit your needs.

Simply fill out the form to your right and one of our agents will contact you.


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